DeltaLINK 3.8

DeltaLINK 3.8

DeltaLINK is the PC software for setting up and downloading data from GP2, GP1 and DL6 data loggers.

What’s new in DeltaLINK 3.8

  • FT1 sensor type:
    • Addition of the FT1 tension and temperature sensor type to the GP2, GP1 and DL6 standard program types.

What’s new in DeltaLINK 3.7

  • GP2 program type:
    • New recording type: Full ACSE implementation of the Penman-Monteith Evapotranspiration
    • Add validation check (GP2) to ensure persistent variables are not written to frequently as the flash has a write cycle limit.
    • Fix bug where using the totalizer in control conditions did not reset the total on entry of the state (activate of de-active)
  • Fix a bug that did not install 32bit MS VC++ Redistributables if the 64bit MS VC++ redistributables where already installed.
  • Include DL4CmdLine 1.7 update which:
    • Adds the ability to convert DT6 files to tab separated text files
    • Updates the command line handler to fix a bug introduced with the latest build tools. In 1.5 command line parameters where not processed correctly.
  • Fixed auto window sizing on the errors dialog.
  • Fixed a few broken links in the help.

GP2 SDI-12 support
DeltaLINK 3.2 and later provides support for SDI-12 sensors with GP2 Logger. It includes Firmware Upgrade to version 2.10, which is the first SDI-12 capable GP2 firmware version.
Note that:

  • All GP2s have a SDI-12 input channel and the firmware 2.10 upgrade can be applied retrospectively to any GP2 logger
  • DeltaLINK 3.2 cannot be used to program GP2s running firmware 2.00. If you do not wish to upgrade to GP2 firmware 2.10, you can download DeltaLINK 3.1.2 from the Support / Software Downloads page at
  • SDI-12 is not available for GP1 or DL6 loggers and DeltaLINK 3.2 is fully compatible with GP1 and DL6 firmware 1.48

For additional information please read DeltaLINK 3.8 Release Notes and SDI-12 for GP2 User Manual (both are included in the DeltaLINK 3.8 download below)

Download DeltaLINK 3.8 – for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10