Bring your data to life with DeltaLINK-Cloud dashboards

DeltaLINK-Cloud is an online service for viewing, sharing, storing and managing data uploaded from Delta-T data loggers. DeltaLINK-Cloud has always featured graphing, but now also supports animated live data dashboards.

DeltaLINK-Cloud dashboards enable you to display selected data using widgets (simple graphical devices such as dials and trend lines). You can control the type, colour and position of widgets to create an attractive information panel – ensuring that critical data is displayed clearly and with maximum impact.

These high quality data visualisations transform the ability of teams to identify and respond to trends or incidents, such as a threshold being exceeded. Dashboards are quickly linked to relevant data sources and can be viewed remotely on smart devices, enabling users to view and share real-time sensor data on-screen.

DeltaLINK-Cloud is compatible with Delta-T’s GP2, GP1 and DL6 Data Loggers and with the WS-GP1 and WS-GP2 Weather Stations

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