WS-GP2 Advanced Automatic Weather Station System

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"“We have been using your weather station and DeltaLINK-Cloud platform as part of our GRACE research project, and we'd like to thank you for these high-quality products and the professional service we have received."" Assoc. Prof. Vanja Jurišić, PhD and Mislav Kontek, mag. ing. agr. (me).
University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture
"Working with Delta‐T Devices, we installed two arrays of SM150T soil moisture sensors at varying depths ‐ in selected well‐managed plantations in the Santa Marta region of Colombia. We also installed a WS‐GP2 Automatic Weather Station to provide input data to drive our irrigation model ‐ as there is limited agrometeorological recording in the region. The Delta‐T Devices kit has been first class ‐ it has not missed a beat since we installed the equipment." Prof Jerry Knox
Cranfield Water Science Institute,
Cranfield University, UK
"We have two Delta-T weather stations in Kazakhstan that have been working in extreme environmental conditions for many years: +40 to -30 C and dusty." Prof. T W Tanton
Head of Environmental Research Group, Southampton University
"We have 6 weather stations in the field. We ordered another 2 earlier this year. The 6 stations in the field have run constantly for several years and are robust and very reliable. We would have no hesitation in recommending Delta-T as a supplier of weather monitoring equipment." Mr John Swaney
Scottish Agricultural College
  • Powerful, rugged and highly flexible weather station
  • Designed for use in severe weather conditions
  • Wide choice of sensors, including soil moisture
  • Cellular modem communications
  • Compatible with DeltaLINK-Cloud online data sharing platform
  • Calculation of full Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration equation

The advanced WS-GP2 Automatic Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger. It is an ideal solution for research and environmental monitoring applications at remote and exposed sites. The WS-GP2 provides a highly rugged and flexible system – users can select the optimal combination of sensors, logger, power and communications.

DeltaLINK‐Cloud – online data viewing and sharing platform


The standard WS-GP2 includes sensors to measure rain, solar radiation, soil temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity and air temperature.


The GP2 Data Logger has the power and flexibility to handle almost any environmental sensor, which means the WS-GP2 Weather Station can be as simple or as complex as your application requires. Even after installation, it’s easy to adapt the system to your specific needs. Optional sensors include barometric pressure, soil moisture, soil EC, UV, PAR, albedo, net radiation, total and diffuse radiation, and evaporation.

Data handling

Data can be easily collected by laptop via USB, or remotely using the cellular modem options. DeltaLINK Software makes it easy to set up recording intervals and to view and download stored data.

Data presentation options include wind rose, gusts and average (including direction and vector average).

SDI-12 enabled

The GP2 Data Logger supports SDI-12 inputs. GP2s supplied before March 2016 can be easily updated via a software download.

Key features:

  • Huge additional input capacity for SDI-12 sensors
  • Analog and digital channels fully available
  • Highly flexible logger + sensor networks

For more information visit our GP2 SDI-12 page.

Advanced features for meteorology

For researchers interested in evapotranspiration, degree days, disease prediction, wind chill factor, dew point, PID control, etc. the GP2’s advanced features will open up exciting possibilities.

Calculation of full ASCE/FAO 56 Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration equation

The WS-GP2 Weather Station and DeltaLINK Software (versions 3.7 and later) enables the full ASCE/FAO-56 Penman-Monteith equation for calculating reference evapotranspiration (ETo).

ETo is calculated by the WS-GP2 Weather Station using the available measurements of relative humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, and air temperature. This ET implementation includes the ability to vary crop albedo/LAI, canopy resistances, crop height and sensor heights.

The functionality can be easily accessed by users as a selectable recording option within DeltaLINK. Calculated ET can be recorded as hourly and daily values – and may be used in further bespoke calculations or to guide field irrigation decisions.

User guide to Penman Monteith Evapotranspiration in the WS-GP2.


The GP2’s analog inputs can be fully customised. Each channel can have its own input type and recording parameters. DeltaLINK software gives the user control over reading frequency, thresholds and units, and provides recording options for average, min and max, plus specialised wind options – including wind rose, gusts and wind averaging

Users can add their own custom sensor types to the sensor library, exploiting the GP2’s detailed configuration options. The GP2 provides 4 input ranges down to microvolt resolution with adaptive auto-ranging, excellent analog accuracy, and configurable sensor excitation – enabling it to support nearly all analog sensors.

Calculations based on the measurements from several input channels can be recorded and displayed as additional virtual channels (calculated measurements).

Script Editor

This powerful software feature creates step by step operations to control simple or complex processes or recording requirements. The degree of sophistication it offers means the potential applications are numerous and varied. The editor interface is easy to use, no programming language is involved.

  • Creates sequences of operations to implement models
  • Advanced control and recording capabilities
  • Easy user interface: no typing out of commands; no programming language
  • Implement simple or complex conditions, algebraic expressions and record result values


This unique software feature allows logging programs to be tested before real-world activation. For applications involving weather data, irrigation or soil moisture recording, the environmental variables can be changed to test how the program responds. Years of logging time can be simulated in just a few minutes.

  • Implement simple or complex conditions, algebraic expressions and record result values
  • Create and manipulate variables e.g. for disease risk factor



GP2 Data Logger – Brief Specs

Input connections

12 differential (or 24 single-ended) analog inputs configurable as: Voltage, Resistance (12 3-wire or 24 2-wire), Bridge (12), Potentiometer (12)

4 digital inputs as: Counters, (2 fast + 2 slow), Frequency, Digital state

1 Delta-T WET sensor channel
Unlimited virtual channels

Serial input channel: 62 SDI-12 sensors or a single WET Sensor

Control outputs 2 relay outputs expandable to 6 (1 A)
Readings stored 2.5 Million
Recording rate 1 second to 24 hours
Configuration DeltaLINK
Communication options USB, RS232, ethernet or modem
Sensor excitation Calibrated 3V reference, +5 V and +12 V regulated, or 5 to 10.5 V (battery or external power), user selectable
Power 6 AA alkaline batteries or external power 10-15 V DC
Battery life (dependent on usage) >310K readings, lasting 530 days
Enclosure rating IP65
Temperature range -20 to +60°C
Size 225 x 185 x 75 mm
Typical applications Demanding research projects
Environmental monitoring
Varied control applications


For full GP2 specification please see the GP2 data sheet

WS-GP2 Sensors – Brief Specs

  Specification Range / Note
Wind speed AN-WD2 (combined wind sensor)
Range 0 to 75 m.s-1  
Accuracy ± 0.1 m.s-1 Up to 10 m.s-1
± 1.1% of reading Over 10 m.s-1
Starting threshold 0.4 m.s-1 -30°C to +70°C if icing minimal
Wind direction AN-WD2 (combined wind sensor)
Accuracy ± 4°

mechanical: 0 to 360°

electrical: 0 to 356°

Starting threshold 0.4 m.s-1 -30°C to +70°C (if icing minimal)
Rainfall RG2+BP
Sensitivity 0.2 mm per tip up to 360
Humidity RHT2nl (combined air temp sensor)
Accuracy ± 2% RH 5 to 95% RH
± 2.5% RH <5% and >95% RH
Air temperature RHT2nl (combined RH sensor)
Accuracy ± 0.1°C 0 to 70°C
Solar radiation ES2
Absolute accuracy ± 5% At 20°C (optimal conditions)
Linearity ± 1% 0 to 2 kW.m-2
Soil temperature ST1
Accuracy ± 0.2°C -10 to +65°C
Mast M2-FSG
2m mast With cross arm, stakes, steel guy wires, baseplate and logger canopy


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