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"There are a number of sensors that measure EC available on the market, but we selected the WET150 for its ability to directly provide accurate ECp readings. Other sensors, for example many using TDR technology, measure Bulk EC (ECb). However, these measurements are not indicative of the dissolved ions in the soil water.

In contast, The WET150 Sensor can calculate the pore water EC ‐ the EC of the nutrient solution within the micropores of the substrate and accessible by the plant roots."
Andrea Angilletti
Lualtek, Comiso, Italy
"It was clear from this project’s inception that I needed a soil sensor which was particularly good at differentiating well at high moisture levels.

I’ve now had the opportunity to thoroughly test the WET150 in the field, and I’m pleased to say that it has been very effective at recording percentage moisture in the wet calcareous‐fed mire environment.

Knowing the topography of the site as I do, I can say that the data visuals we have created using the WET150’s output are really exciting."
Dr David Oatway,
Ecologist and Research Consultant at Ketmar
"As a progressive agriculture consultancy we've been using the WET Sensor in multiple Indian open-field and hydroponic research projects over the last two years. We've found the sensor to be very robust and easy to use - and the readings it provides to be extremely accurate and consistent. Having extensively tested the sensor across a number of agri-climatic zones, we can happily endorse this instrument as a high quality research tool - that is ideally suited to extreme conditions." Chetan V Dedhia
CVD Solutions
Mumbai, India
  • Lower cost research-grade sensor kit for growers
  • Instant measurements of moisture, EC, and temperature
  • Accurate spot readings of growing conditions
  • Comes complete with readout meter and case
  • Portable, rugged and easy to use

The portable WET150 Kit provides growers with an accurate tool for measuring soil/substrate moisture content, temperature*, and pore water conductivity (ECp) – the EC of the water available to the plant.

*We recommend that the WET150 is used as a portable hand held sensor only in well-equilibrated environments where the air temperature doesn’t differ significantly from the soil/substrate temperature.

Kit contents

The kit comprises a WET150 Sensor, a dedicated WET150 readout meter, and a carry case. When correctly connected and tightened, the kit’s cables and connectors are completely watertight. The handheld WET150 Meter displays volumetric water content as % volume and EC in milliSiemens/metre.

The handheld WET150 Meter is a lightweight and easy to use readout-only device (no data recording). Operation of the kit is very simple – the user inserts the WET150 into the soil or substrate and presses the “Read” button on the meter to take and display the measurement.

The WET150 Sensor comes complete with calibrations for mineral and organic soils plus coir, peat, and mineral wool substrates soils.

Irrigation monitoring

The WET150 kit is ideal for accurate spot check measurement of growing conditions in soil and substrates – enabling optimised irrigation scheduling. The sensor’s compact design means it can be easily inserted into soil and growing substrate with minimal disturbance – preserving the original structure around the measurement rods.

Fertigation monitoring and control

Plants that are grown in artificial substrates routinely receive their nutrients in irrigation water (fertigation). The WET150’s ability to calculate pore water conductivity (ECp), the ion content of the water available to the plant, makes it an ideal sensor for assessing and controlling fertigation nutrient levels.

Soil salinity monitoring

When irrigation water is sourced from rivers with high levels of dissolved salts, over time there can be a buildup of soil salinity. Soil salinisation will often impact negatively on crop yields. The WET150 Kit enables growers to accurately measure soil salinity, giving them the crucial information they need to take effective remedial action as quickly as possible.

Details on the WET150 Sensor as a standalone device

Video – The Wet150 Sensor’s use in commercial horticulture





WET150 Sensor

± 0.03 m3.m-3 (3%)
See graph below this table
± (3% of reading + 0.8 ε’)
1 → 40
± (10mS.m-1 + 6%) 
± 0.5°C
(0°C to +40°C range)
± 0.7°C
(-20°C to +60°C range)
± 5% of reading
40 → 80
Full range:
0 to 1.0 m3.m-3
See graph below this table
for ECp ≤ 800 mS.m-1
1 → 40
from 0 to 1200 mS.m-1
Full range:
-20°C to +60°C
Accurate range:
0.05 to 1.0 m3.m-3
ECb 0 to 500 mS.m-1
for ECp ≤ 500 mS.m-1
40 → 80
Accurate range:
0°C to +40°C
SDI-12 protocol 1.3 (www.sdi-12.org)
Providing water content, pore water conductivity, and temperature - together with base readings of permittivity and bulk conductivity.
Outputs are exceptionally configurable.
Operating voltage: 6 to 20 Volts
Current consumption (typical values powered from 12 Volts):
Active sensing: 22 mA average over 12 ms (average includes short peaks at 45 mA)
Active results computation: 2 mA over 188 ms
Idle: <0.5mA
IP68, - 20 to + 60°C
~55 x 70 mm diameter
Sample volume is weighted towards soil immediately surrounding the rods
Overall: 143 x 40 mm dia
Rods: 51 mm x 2.5 mm dia
Weight: 77g (excl. cable)
Individual sensors are interchangeable
Recalibration advised every 5 years (depending on use)
The WET150 Sensor comes complete with calibrations for mineral and organic soils plus coir, peat, and mineral wool substrates
Notes: [1] The WET150 has been carefully optimised to provide accurate readings in soils and substrates - readings taken in water or air may not meet the full specification. [2] The ECp contour map is based on measurements from 30 sensors at 20°C in NPL* traceable media. Calculated ECp readings are derived from the Hillhorst equation, using the generalised “mineral” soil calibration and the default soil parameter = 4.1 * NPL is the UK's National Metrology Institute, developing and maintaining the national primary measurement standards.

WET150 Meter

1 WET150 multi-parameter water content sensor
By keypad
Via SDI-12
2 x AA alkaline batteries
> 2400 readings
0 to +40°C
2 line x 16 character
130 x 66 x 25



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