Founded in 2021 in Comiso, Italy, Lualtek have fast become a successful solution provider for growers looking to employ the latest technology to achieve optimal crop yield and quality. They help to achieve this by offering a complete plug-and-play monitoring package – integrating sensors, wireless networks, and AI technology. The... more

Delta-T Devices forms global partnership with SAF Tehnika (Aranet) to deliver leading wireless sensor network solutions for horticulture

Delta-T Devices is proud to announce that its WET150 multi-parameter soil sensor has been selected for integration into SAF Tehnika’s leading wireless network solution – Aranet. Aranet is a fully integrated and powerful sensor-to-cloud wireless... more

Delta-T Devices collaborated with UK National Physical Laboratory to create their latest multi-parameter soil sensor

Measurement technologies developed by the UK’s prestigious National Physical Laboratory (NPL) played an important part in the development of Delta-T Device’s latest digital multi parameter sensor – the WET150. A key aim of the development... more

Using the SM150T Soil Moisture Sensor to help explore soil erosion in Iceland

Soil erosion has caused profound damage to the Icelandic ecosystem, and it is a problem likely to be exacerbated by future climate warming. In 2019, a research team led by Newcastle University’s Dr Nick Cutler... more

Measuring moisture inside bricks with the SM150T Sensor – to improve building conservation techniques

Valentin Juhasz is an electronics engineer that has worked in the building conservation sector for over a decade. His company, Core Conservation, has recently been at the forefront of historic building dampness investigation and remediation.... more

New Video: How to use the SunScan System

Dr John Newstead guides viewers through the main features of the SunScan system in our new video. The SunScan plant canopy analyzer uses field measurements of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in crop canopies to provide... more

Seven brief soil moisture case studies

Over the last few years Delta-T Devices has supplied soil sensors to some of the world’s leading researchers and commercial growers. Click on image below to view PDF showing how seven of these organisations have... more

New Video: How to install and operate the PR2 Soil Moisture Profile Probe

Delta-T Devices’s Dr John Newstead gives a comprehensive overview of the PR2 Profile Probe in our new video. He demonstrates how to install the PR2, explains how the probe can be used for both portable... more

Urgent plant species recovery research using the WET150 Soil Sensor

Rare Flora under threat at important UK botanical site Upper Teesdale is a Site of Special Scientific Interest in County Durham, North East England. It is a diverse environment consisting of mainly dry heath –... more