Delta-T Devices forms global partnership with SAF Tehnika (Aranet) to deliver leading wireless sensor network solutions for horticulture

Delta-T Devices is proud to announce that its WET150 multi-parameter soil sensor has been selected for integration into SAF Tehnika’s leading wireless network solution – Aranet.

Aranet is a fully integrated and powerful sensor-to-cloud wireless solution for commercial horticulture. The Aranet system allows growers to remotely monitor growing conditions in real-time through sensor data beamed directly to the cloud – enabling better yields, crop quality and less water waste.

After extensive testing, SAF Tehnika’s technical team selected Delta-T Devices’ WET150 as a soil moisture measuring device for integration into their Aranet Ecosystem – finding it an ideal fit in terms of performance, consistency of measurement results, and reliability.

The WET150 sensor is a compact SDI-12-enabled digital sensor that measures moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity (EC) in soils and substrates. It was developed in partnership with the UK’s prestigious National Physical Laboratory.

A key strength of the WET150 is its ability to accurately calculate pore water conductivity (ECp), which is the ion content of the water available to the plant.

Jānis Bergs, SAF Tehnika’s Sales Director said,

“We have selected Delta-T Devices as our global soil moisture sensor partner after extensively testing their new WET150 sensor. Its superior performance meets with our commitment to give commercial growers consistency, reliability and accuracy. Our wireless solution Aranet is designed for use in mission critical industries and key infrastructure projects and the WET150 aligns with this ethos.”

David Frew, Delta-T Devices’s Head of Sales and Marketing said,

“SAF Tehnika is very well-regarded company in the wireless network systems arena, and we are proud that they selected the WET150 to be a critical element of their Aranet solution for commercial horticulture. The extensive third party testing that the WET150 has received has further reinforced our view that it is a particularly accurate and reliable sensor, and we look forward to working with Aranet to help growers improve crop production, reduce costs, and become more sustainable.”



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