BS5-03 Barometric Pressure Sensor

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The BS5 Barometric Pressure Sensor offers 16 pressure ranges over 600 – 1100 hPa (mbar). It comes in a weatherproof housing with a sun shield and a mounting bracket for attachment to a suitable mast or pole. It is fitted with a 3m output cable. The selectable output ranges make the sensor suitable for all Delta-T loggers (but it cannot be added to the WS-GP1 Weather Station).

The barometer uses the rugged Climatronics 102663 pressure sensor for accurate and stable measurement of barometric pressure (for use at low altitude (0 – 1500 m).

The BS5 requires a power source of 10-36 VDC, 10mA at 12VDC.


For specifications please download the Environmental and Meteorological Sensor guide.



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