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The DL2e Data Logger was manufactured by Delta-T Devices from 1986 to 2019 but has now been discontinued. Its reliability and flexibility made it a popular choice with customers, and we know that large numbers are still in use.

We would like to reassure users that Delta-T will continue to provide technical support and repairs for the DL2e for many years to come. Repairs Calibration and Warranty

The DL2e has been replaced by the GP2 Data Logger.


Input connections 15 analog channels expandable to 30, 45,or 60
2 counters
Control outputs 2 relays (1A)
Readings stored 128,000
Recording rate 1 second to 24 hours
Configuration Ls2Win
Communication options RS232, USB [1]
Sensor excitation 2 relay switched logger or external power
Power 6 AA alkaline batteries or external power 7-15V
Battery life (dependent on usage) ~ 6 months
Enclosure rating IP65
Temperature range -20 to +60°C
Display 2 line x 16 character
Size 280 x 220 x 140mm
Typical applications General data logging for moderate to complex systems


Sensor compatibility (maximum number of sensors that could be connected [2]
ML3 ✓ (30) with temp / (60) without temp
SM150T ✓ (30) with temp / (60) without temp
PR2 ✓ (10 PR2/6) (15 PR2/4)
PR2 SDI-12
WET Sensor
EQ3 ✓(30) with temp / (60) without temp
Temperature ✓(60)
Tensiometers ✓(60), requires TVB1s
Counters or Events ✓(2)
Relay Output ✓(2)


[1] With USB to RS232 Adapter Cable type USB-RS232

[2] With appropriate expansion cards and power supply arrangements


For full DL2e specification please see the DL2e data sheet



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