Chinese energy giant uses Delta-T’s SPN1 Pyranometer to monitor their new 100MW Solar Farm in Hebei Province.

The China Three Gorges Corporation, one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, is using the Delta-T Devices SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer to monitor the performance of its huge new solar farm project in rural Quyang district – 230km southwest of Beijing.

The solar farm is being built on more than 40 square kilometres of hilly, uncultivated land. The farm already has potential to produce 100 MW, and local government have signed contracts with PV developers worth over RMB12 billion (1.94 $ billion) to create over 1 GW of solar generating capacity at the site.


The SPN1 is a meteorological class instrument designed for long-term outdoor exposure, and is an affordable and effective alternative to traditional shade-ring pyranometers, sun tracking pyrheliometers, and other sunshine recorders.

The key advantages of the SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer are that it measures global (total) and diffuse radiation, and sunshine state – all in one instrument. It is also easy to use, has no moving parts, and needs no routine adjustment or polar alignment.

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