Delta-T launches new digital SDI-12 version of the PR2 Profile Probe

image2pr2sdi-12-copy-11042016095558Delta-T Devices has launched a new digital version of their well-established analogue PR2 Profile Probe.

Named the PR2 SDI-12, it shares the many strengths of the analogue version (which remains in production), but with the addition of SDI-12 compatibility – allowing integration into new and existing SDI-12 systems. As with the analogue version, the new version comes in two lengths – to measure soil moisture profiles down to 40cms or 100cms.

The PR2 SDI-12 builds on the strong reputation and field proven technology of the analogue PR2. By adopting the widely used SDI-12 interface (v1.3) the PR2 SDI-12 can be integrated with an even wider range of data loggers, sensors and equipment.

SDI-12 is an established communication standard adopted by many manufacturers of environmental monitoring and control equipment. It is popular because it allows large numbers of sensors (from many vendors) to be connected to a logger via a simple cable network, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of wiring large sensor installations.

The PR2 SDI-12’s electronics have been designed to improve power efficiency – reducing the overall power requirement. This is an important advantage for off-grid applications at remote sites.

Delta-T Devices’s SDI-12 enabled GP2 Data Logger and Controller is an ideal partner for the PR2 SDI-12. The GP2 enables quick and easy creation of sensor networks – without need to resort to the often complex programming methods typically employed by other manufacturers.

Key Features of the PR2 SDI-12:

• Multiple PR2 SDI-12s can be connected to a compatible data logger via a single cable
• Enables the creation of low cost highly flexible sensor networks
• Compatible with existing PR2 access tubes and augering kits
• Conforms to industry standard SDI-12 (v1.3) spec
• Flexible integration with 3rd party SDI-12 hardware

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