GP2 Data Logger and Controller – now SDI-12 enabled

The powerful GP2 Data Logger and Controller from Delta-T Devices has been upgraded to support SDI-12 sensors. From December 2015 all new GP2s will come with SDI-12 as standard and earlier GP2s can be easily upgraded via a free software download at

The addition of SDI-12 communications protocol to the GP2 allows it to log large numbers of SDI-12 sensors via a single cable run – notably reducing the complexity and cost of large sensor installations. The new SDI-12 functions have been seamlessly integrated with the GP2’s Program Editor – offering exceptional ease of use, point and click configuration, and sophisticated processing capability.

The Delta-T GP2 Data Logger and Controller is weatherproof, rugged and battery powered. It comes with 12 differential analogue inputs and 2 relays (expandable to 6).

Equally suited to both simple logging tasks and challenging monitoring/controlling applications, the GP2 is a highly flexible research instrument. Complex algorithms can be applied without specialist programming skills or the involvement of expensive consultants. Powerful results can be achieved with just a reasonable knowledge of Excel spreadsheet level algebraic expressions. Complex functions such as PID control can be created with ease. In addition, threshold values can be easily adjusted in realtime whilst the program is running – a unique feature.

Its combination of power, sophistication and ease of use make the SDI-12 enabled GP2 Data Logger and Controller an ideal choice for a huge range of applications.

Key Features of the GP2:

  • Huge additional input capacity for SDI-12 Sensors – reduces costs and complexity.
  • Highly flexible logger + sensor networks – easily create optimised SDI-12 sensor installations.
  • Easy selection of sensors – accessible and fast pick-and-click system.
  • Sophisticated control algorithms – create complex and powerful models – without programming skills.
  • Custom in-line data processing – implement real-time data-driven calculations such as dew-point.
  • Multi-zone functionality – control and monitor up to 6 independent experiments/zones concurrently.
  • Environmental data Simulator – simulate and test your program before real-world activation.
Learn more about the SDI-12 enabled GP2 Data Logger at

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