GP2 & DeltaLINK 3 Software Resources

This page features a growing set of resources designed to help you realise the potential of our new GP2 Data Logger and controller. If you require any assistance using the materials please contact us.

Are there any resource materials not featured on this page that you would find useful? Please let us know.

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GP2 Application Resources

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Getting started with the GP2 & DeltaLINK 3

Tutorial Videos

Introduction to the GP2 multi-function program series (we recommend viewing in numerical order)

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An introduction to the
new program editor

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An introduction to measurements and their properties

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An introduction to recordings and their properties

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An introduction to controls and their properties

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An introduction to alarms and their properties

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An introduction to scripts, variables, outputs and their properties

A step by step guide to creating a GP2 Simulator project

Connecting to the GP2 Simulator


Support Documents




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