New DeltaLINK software enables GP2 Logger to calculate full ASCE Penman Monteith Equation – improving evapotranspiration data accuracy

The latest release of Delta-T Devices’ DeltaLINK Software (v3.7), in combination with its GP2 Logger and relevant sensors, enables the full ASCE/FAO-56 Penman Monteith equation for calculating potential evapotranspiration (ET). This enhancement also applies to the WS-GP2 Weather Station – An advanced research-grade system.

ET is the sum of surface evaporation and plant transpiration to the atmosphere. Accurate ET data can be vitally important to many forms of environmental and agricultural research, including climate change, water cycle, and soil plant atmosphere continuum studies.

Potential ET is calculated by the GP2 Data Logger using the available measurements of relative humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, and air temperature. The new, more accurate ET implementation includes the ability to vary albedo and canopy resistance – independently of height.

The new functionality can be easily accessed by users as a selectable recording option within DeltaLINK. The calculated ET can be recorded as hourly and daily values – and may be used in further bespoke calculations or to guide field irrigation decisions.




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