New expanded 2018 Soil Moisture Measurement Catalogue from Delta-T Devices

Delta-T Devices has released a new Soil Moisture Measurement Catalogue for 2018. It has been revised and expanded to include new sections on the SM150T Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor, SDI-12 PR2 Profile Probe, DeltaLINK-Cloud online data management, and SDI-12 capability for the GP2 Data Logger and Controller.

The new catalogue also features a number of “quick comparison” charts which guide users swiftly towards the best solution for their application.

Delta-T Devices offer a comprehensive range of sensors for measuring soil moisture content, soil water potential, soil temperature and pore water EC, including multi parameter sensors – such as the WET-2. We also offer a selection of powerful, compact data loggers and hand-held readout meters, allowing long term monitoring of soil conditions or portable spot checks.

Our instruments are built to exacting standards – ensuring ruggedness, longevity, and optimum performance throughout their life. They are trusted by researchers around the world and are suited to a wide variety of applications and budgets.

New Soil Moisture Measurement Catalogue




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