New white papers added to the SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer Online Resource Centre

Two notable new research papers have been added to the fast growing SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer online resource centre.

The SPN1 Resource Centre is designed to help visitors fully understand the workings and benefits of the SPN1 (including calculation of DNI), and to provide access to the latest SPN1-related research trials and academic papers.

The new papers are titled SPN1 Measurement Best Practices and SPN1 Accuracy and Sources of Uncertainty.

The SPN1 Measurement Best Practices paper is authored by the inventor of the SPN1, John Wood. It takes the form of a best practice guide for obtaining optimum results when using the SPN1. It includes sections on principles of operation, installation, data validation, and achievable accuracy.

The SPN1 Accuracy and Sources of Uncertainty paper is a comprehensive study of SPN1 accuracy, drawing on laboratory experiments, numeric modelling and comparison studies between the SPN1 and other similar instruments – across six diverse test sites.

The SPN1 Resource Centre can be accessed via a large blue button on the SPN1 product page or via the drop down support menu (featured on all Delta-T web pages).



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