DeltaLINK 3.8.2

DeltaLINK is the PC software for setting up and downloading data from GP2, GP1 and DL6 data loggers.

What’s new in DeltaLINK 3.8.2

    • Resolved issue causing DeltaLINK to fail loading older programs that are not longer valid. Now the program will load and be editable but will fail to save until the appropriate changes have been made.
    • Fixed bug introduced in 3.8.1 that caused an incorrect sensor type list in the “Standard GP1” and “Standard DL6” program types.

What’s new in DeltaLINK 3.7

  • GP2 program type:
    • New recording type: Full ACSE implementation of the Penman-Monteith Evapotranspiration
    • Add validation check (GP2) to ensure persistent variables are not written to frequently as the flash has a write cycle limit.
    • Fix bug where using the totalizer in control conditions did not reset the total on entry of the state (activate of de-active)
  • Fix a bug that did not install 32bit MS VC++ Redistributables if the 64bit MS VC++ redistributables where already installed.
  • Include DL4CmdLine 1.7 update which:
    • Adds the ability to convert DT6 files to tab separated text files
    • Updates the command line handler to fix a bug introduced with the latest build tools. In 1.5 command line parameters where not processed correctly.
  • Fixed auto window sizing on the errors dialog.
  • Fixed a few broken links in the help.

GP2 SDI-12 support
DeltaLINK 3.2 and later provides support for SDI-12 sensors with GP2 Logger. It includes Firmware Upgrade to version 2.10, which is the first SDI-12 capable GP2 firmware version.
Note that:

  • All GP2s have a SDI-12 input channel and the firmware 2.10 upgrade can be applied retrospectively to any GP2 logger
  • DeltaLINK 3.2 cannot be used to program GP2s running firmware 2.00. If you do not wish to upgrade to GP2 firmware 2.10, you can download DeltaLINK 3.1.2 from the Support / Software Downloads page at
  • SDI-12 is not available for GP1 or DL6 loggers and DeltaLINK 3.2 is fully compatible with GP1 and DL6 firmware 1.48

For additional information please read DeltaLINK 3.8.2 Release Notes and SDI-12 for GP2 User Manual (both are included in the DeltaLINK 3.8 download below)

Download DeltaLINK 3.8.2 – for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10