Soil Moisture Sensor Systems and Networks


For several decades Delta-T Devices has helped its customers to design and create highly effective soil moisture sensor systems and networks.

Once given a basic description of an application we can advise on appropriate sensors, possible network layouts, data logger/controller options, comms options (including wireless connection to the cloud) and power options (including solar).

Having assisted planning on a large and diverse range of sensor network projects, we bring a vast wealth of accumulated knowledge and on what works well – and how to reliably achieve your aims at the lowest possible price and with minimum fuss.


System Construction

At the heart of many of our soil moisture sensor network designs lies the SDI-12 compatible GP2 Data Logger and Controller.
This powerful instrument has the flexibility to handle the vast majority of available environmental sensors – and features a script editor that provides exceptional flexibility in defining control conditions, ranging from simple thresholding (e.g. soil moisture level) to sophisticated calculations such as PID control.

Our system expertise is not restricted to soil moisture sensors, and many environmental and horticultural applications require supplementary meteorological and environmental measurement data.

In these cases we often suggest a system based around our customisable Advanced WS-GP2 Weather station. A typical system of this type might include soil sensors, solar radiation sensors and a variety of other meteorological instruments – all feeding into the central weather station hub.

Analogue and SDI-12 Sensor Systems

Our range of sensors and data loggers includes both analogue and digital SDI-12 instruments. SDI-12 technology brings a number of important benefits to network layout design – enabling a large number of SDI-12 sensors to be connected to a single input on a compatible master device (reducing complexity and cost).

Our Technical Sales Team can advise on the best approach for your application. More information on SDI-12.


Cloud-Based Data

Our data loggers (and weather stations) can be upgraded with a modem to enable connection to DeltaLINK-Cloud – our bespoke solution for cloud data storage, viewing, processing and sharing.

DeltaLINK-Cloud enables you to:

  • View live system data remotely on mobile devices
  • Automatically upload sensor network data to DeltaLINK‐Cloud at regular intervals
  • Graph the uploaded data in multiple formats and styles
  • Generate widgets that display critical data as live animated graphics on mobile devices
  • Securely share access to data in report form with project collaborators and stakeholders
  • Use Remote Logger Control feature to minimise time consuming site visits

More information on DeltaLINK-Cloud.

Typical Example Systems




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