WinDIAS leaf image analysis system – upgraded for 2019

Delta-T Devices’s well established and field-proven WinDIAS Leaf Image Analysis System has been improved for 2019. New enhancements include LED lighting, which has adjustable brightness, a more powerful Area of Interest drawing tool, and improved seed counting ability.

The WinDIAS Leaf Image Analysis System can rapidly measure multiple leaf parameters including size, perimeter, width, length, and the percentage of healthy and diseased leaf area. WinDIAS also enables the counting of small objects such a seeds or needles. WinDIAS’s analysis features are well suited to applications where precise colour discrimination is critical.

The recent upgrades to WinDIAS include new LED top lights which provide adjustable flicker-free illumination levels and improved colour balance. In addition, their cool running improves operator comfort. The newly enhanced Area of Interest drawing tool also improves functionality – giving users a free-form lasso to designate areas of particular relevance, making it easier to accurately define the area to be analyzed.

The seed counting function has also been upgraded, and can now be used even with seeds that are touching or overlapping (using average area method).

The new improved WinDIAS system comes in three versions – Entry Level System – with A4 scanner, Standard System – with video camera, and Rapid System – which adds a conveyor belt unit, and can process up to 800 leaves an hour.

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